Corporate video profiles are one of the most powerful ways of engaging your website visitors and to quickly let them know about your company and its values.  They also make an excellent TV commercial because it lets your customers know about your company’s values and culture.   Less people are influenced by expensive pitch sales commercials than 10 years ago.

Here are some samples of our onsite filmed video production.

Corporate Profile Videos Increase Conversions & Sell More Product Or Services

Social media has made it a necessity for companies to define themselves and be transparent to its customers.  A corporate video profile like below will do just that.  It will influence people to your brand because of the honesty in its simplicity.  These are the new commercials of today.

We have seen corporate videos increase website conversion by over 1000%.  Videos are powerful and can convey a much stronger message in a short period of time than reading long pages of text.  When a person sees a business profile, they trust you.

They know who they are dealing with, and are much easier to convert into a paying customer.    If you are a professional service like, chiropractor, lawyer, plumber, doctor, dentist, realtor, or tradesperson, we have found that a business profile commercial of high quality; is one of the best ROI investments you can make in your online marketing campaigns.

 We send a cameraman to your location, shoot the video following our proven script creation process, then edit, produce, and publish the videos for one ridiculously low price.

We also provide in several formats for any of your production needs.  In other words, these videos are TV Ready!!  Just buy your commercial air time and go.  Try and find a professional tv commerical production for only 997.00!  This is one of our staple products where we service companies all over North America because of our award winning production at wholesale pricing.  For this reason, we are actually a white label provider for many other web firms that do not have the infrastructure to make this quality of video production.

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